David Munk-Nielsen has been recognised as one of the leading young concert pianists in the Nordic countries after numerous concert appearances and top prizes in international piano competitions.



“…Also judging by this concert, the first prize went to the right person. Danish David Munk-Nielsen, who studies at the Sibelius Academy, had an excellent collaboration with the orchestra. He sovereignly controlled the symphonic arch of the Brahms second piano concerto and managed to combine the orchestral power required in this concerto with a poetical and sensitive expression when needed. At times it almost felt like everything was too easy for Munk-Nielsen.”



“…interpretation with a good balance of all the necessary elements: spot-on emotional expression, smooth technique, sense of tone, airiness and robustness.”

Helsingin Sanomat


29. Aug 2023

Concert recorded by Danish Radio P2

18. Aug 2023

David joins Nordic Artists Management

04. Jun 2023

Award from the Van Hauen Foundation

30. May 2023

Solo Recital Recorded by Danish Radio

27. Oct 2022

3rd prize at the Fifth International Maj Lind Piano Competition